The best music, the best movies.

While talking with a friend of mine, I realized that much of my musical taste is stuck in 2011. Finding new music is overwhelming and I’ve pretty much given up on looking. Over the course of 2013, there were a few albums that I managed to stumble upon that I loved, namely:

“Muchaco” by Phosphorescent

“The Civil Wars” by The Civil Wars

“Trouble Will Find Me” by The National

“Reflektor” by Arcade Fire

“Modern Vampires of the City” by Vampire Weekend

And for some strange reason 2013 was the year I finally began to come to terms with Radiohead’s “The King of Limbs,” but mostly just this song:

As far as movies are concerned, I loved “The Way Way Back”


and “Blue Jasmine”

I also saw “Once Upon a Time in the West” for the first time. It’s streaming on Netflix right now, and it’s amazing. It’s the best western I’ve ever seen, and possibly one of the best genre movies period.

I’m more than open to suggestion for other things to consume.

Bucket list

Like many folks of my generation, I do in fact have a bucket list.

Most of the items on the list are fairly reasonable.

In no particular order, I would like to:

Get a masters degree

PHD as we’ll

Own a house

Be paid to teach a class of some sort

Shake hands with Michael Keaton

Be published in either Dialogue or Journal of Mormon History

Actually finish reading “Sometimes a Great Notion”

Train all of my children to be embarrassingly enthusiastic Paul Simon fans, just like their old man

Own a beach house in either Oregon or North Carolina

Make a documentary

Learn to understand French cinema, because I feel like they just don’t know what they’re doing

Read “The truth, the way, and the life” in its entirety. Footnotes included.

Become a master at AP style.

Publish a nonfiction essay in The New Yorker (I feel like being published in TNY is something that should be on everyone’s list)

Visit Brazil again

Write a screenplay (it does not need to be produced)

Learn to garden

Learn to enjoy exercise, or at least deal with it

Reach a point where mixing up affect and effect is just something I wouldn’t do

Finish that Teddy Roosevelt bio I’ve been picking at for the last year

Live to see another bat suit on screen that includes the yellow oval

Have an office where I can hang all my movie posters

Of course there are other, more important things I hope to do, but publishing such things just isn’t what blogs are for.