Arcade Fire’s worst music videos


So Arcade Fire released their new single, Reflektor, last week. It’s pretty awesome, and the interactive music video that goes along with it is pretty sweet as well. Unfortunately, the standard music video that came out with the song’s release is not so awesome. In fact, it’s kind of lame.

It’s a trend, you see. AF will release an amazing album, followed by well selected singles that are accompanied by terrible music videos. Like, really terrible.

The non-interactive video, the one directed by Anton Corbijn, is certainly not their worst, but it’s still pretty lame. The big bobble-head thing seems pretty neat, but the driving around in the truck with Win Butler’s painted on burglar’s mask is not. The song is explosive and brooding, the video is not. It doesn’t reflect, if you will, the feeling of the song very well.

So, in the spirit of celebrating their upcoming album, and the subsequent terrible music videos that will likely accompany it, here are my five least favorite Arcade Fire music videos.


Possibly my favorite AF song. The video starts out as a pretty cliche indie video from the 2004-2006 period with all the 2D marionette stuff  (see Franz Ferdinand and Modest Mouse) but this one has particularly shoddy animation and stops making sense part way through. Mostly, it just irks me that such a great song got such a mediocre music video. It also makes me miss their  violinist, Sarah Neufeld, who is noticeably absent from Reflektor.


There’s an interactive version that’s better, but this is also quite lame.


“Let’s just play the song and walk around a neighborhood.”


I don’t even understand this. Like at all. High school CAD project, maybe.


But this, this is truly embarrassing. All the others were made when they had the excuse of not having money. This came after a sold-out Madison Square Garden concert and a grammy. It embarrasses me.

Oh, what’s that you say? What’s my favorite Arcade Fire music video? Well this doesn’t really count because it’s not an official music video, but it’s still my favorite.




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