I know who should play Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy 2

So I’m reading the TR biography by Edmund Morris, Theodore Rex. It’s awesome. I have a hard time focusing though because I keep wondering who should play TR whenever that planned bio pic is made.

Teddy teddy 1

Rumor has it Leo DiCaprio was attached to play him when Martin Scorsese was going to direct. I like Leo, but that would have been a huge mistake. I think I’ve figured out exactly who needs to play him though…


I feel like Tom Hardy could do it. I’m fine with the fact that he’s not American. If only for the fact that he looks like him (at least more so than any other actor I can think of) and he’s a charismatic presence on screen. Like TR needs to be.

I’m open to other suggestions, but I feel like no other option can beat out TH for TR.

What do you think Teddy?



One comment

  1. Tamman · July 4

    He’s perfect for it. I’ve thought that for years now. Tom Hardy for TR!

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