Orson Scott Card Vs. Superman

Man Of Steel Comicbw

So this whole Orson Scott Card thing is a tricky situation. I think that Card is an amazing writer, and so does most everyone else. His stories (story, really. I’ve only read Ender’s Game) are complex, emotional, and shockingly powerful. I did not expect to like Ender’s Game as much as I did.

The fact that he will no longer be doing the Superman story–or at least it has been put on hold–doesn’t have me as bothered as I thought it would. I think the best thing it would have done is introduce Card to a new, younger audience. But the reality is that if you are reading Superman comics, you probably already know who he is. Whether or not his Superman story would have been any good will have to remain unseen, but I’m skeptical that he would have much to say about the character.

The other shame is that this proves, no matter what your thoughts on the issue are, that if you hold views that a lot of other people don’t have, apparently you can’t write Superman comics. Which is a shame.


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