The Cruise

“Perhaps the simplest goal is to be able to exhibit that I am thrilled to be alive, and to still be respected”

So says Tim “Speed” Levitch, a passionate New York tour guide who chooses to exhibit his thrill on Double-Decker buses. The most fascinating part of this man’s life is that he actually sees poetry in everything around. Literally everything. He turns star-map like trivia into lyrical commentary on the New York experience. Bennett Miller, the perfectly understated director of Monneyball and Capote made a documentary back in ’98 about Levitch (who also once had an odd appearance with Weezer) called The Cruise. It’s well worth the watch.

Between this and Gay Tallese’s essay, “New York is a City of Things Unnoticed”, I’m beginning to actually believe New York is the greatest city in the world.


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